8th September, 2020

In line with our commitment to excellence in healthcare, education, and research, for over 20 years we have worked in collaboration with “AusTrials” who are involved in clinical research.

We have participated in numerous trials – Respiratory, Immunology, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular, across all age groups. Wellers Hill Medical Centre does not receive any financial incentive from these trials.

Usually clinical trials are conducted within Tertiary institutions.  We, as your Primary Care provider, are privileged to be included in the small number of general practices across Australia, steering trials within the community.

These trials enable our patients to gain early access to new medicines prior to their release on the market.

With the consent of our GP’s, patients who may benefit from certain clinical trials, will be contacted via telephone or post to establish their interest in current research opportunities.  Contact will be made by one of our staff members from the Wellers Hill Medical Centre.

Your participation is completely voluntary, and you can refuse or withdraw at any time.

AusTrials now have their own office on the 3rd floor of the Brisbane Health Connect Building.