31st March, 2020 

We, at the Wellers Hill Medical Centre wish to update you about how we are managing the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We have implemented several changes to our practice to address these issues.


  • We will be offering telephone consultations, where appropriate, and looking at other innovative methods of consultations


  • We will remain open and offer face to face consultations and will be mindful of those who are facing hardship


We have restructured our medical centre in the following way:


  • All patients will be greeted at the main entrance by a nurse who will take your temperature and assess the risk of respiratory infection


  • If you are immobile you may come up in the lift, ring the bell on the 3rd floor and wait for a nurse to triage you


  • Patients with respiratory symptoms will be asked to wear a mask and will be directed to the “Respiratory Clinic”. This has been structurally altered to create an area for waiting and consultations isolated from the rest of the practice


  • Those with potential Coronavirus symptoms will be managed by telephone consult or seen in their cars, parked under our building in dedicated Coronavirus car parking spaces. Those patients must remain in their cars and will be given a mask to wear


  • Patients with no symptoms of respiratory illness, will sit in the front waiting room or outside


We have done this to create a safe environment for all and to be able to safely continue with routine health measures such as influenza vaccinations and childhood immunisations.  It is vitally important that particularly the childhood vaccinations be given at the appropriate time.


We have a dedicated area for flu vaccine clinics.  We would like to bring to your attention that there is a supply shortage of these vaccines both private and government funded. We will keep updating our website and Facebook page to keep you up to date with what is happening.


We are mindful of social distancing and have marked separate entry and exit lanes, where to stand at reception and where to sit in the various waiting rooms.   We are erecting Perspex shields at reception.  We are also practising hand hygiene measures, wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment and wiping with disinfectant all surfaces, furniture, keyboards, mouse and equipment used after each patient has been seen


We would like to reassure you all that we are not operating as a “Fever Clinic”.  These clinics have been set up by the government to triage large numbers of patients considered “at risk”.  What we have done here at Wellers Hill Medical Centre is for the benefit of our patients and community.  We are doing our very best to ensure that any patient suspected of having Coronavirus is dealt with in ways that ensure they do not need to enter the practice at all.


We will continue to adapt as the need arises during these unprecedented times and will continue to support our community.


Thank you for your understanding.