19th November, 2020

As of the 19th November, 2020 our Doctors will now be using “BetterConsult”, a pre-consultation questionnaire that is completed by you to give your Doctor a better understanding of the reason for your visit.

This is for patients aged 18 – 70 years. If you have consented to receive SMS from us, you will be sent an SMS from WHMC 24 hours prior to your appointment with a link to complete the questionnaire. If you have not consented to SMS and would like to receive this for future appointments, please give us a call and let us know.

This is completely voluntary but recommended to help get the most out of your consultation with your Doctor.

How does BetterConsult benefit you?

Spend more time talking about treatment –  Focus on discussing treatment options instead of going over symptoms.

Never forget what you want to cover with your GP – Take your time documenting each health concern before your appointment.

Answer questions about your health, in private – Consider your symptoms and medications, in privacy.

Rely on security of your medical data – Document your information securely so that it is only seen by your Doctor.