2nd October, 2020

Meningococcal disease is rare, but if contracted, it can progress suddenly. The disease can cause devastating lifelong impairments and can be fatal.

Currently, there are two available vaccines for Meningococcal disease. One vaccine protects against the A, C, W and Y strains and the other vaccine protects against the B strains of the disease. AusTrials is conducting a research study to test a new investigational vaccine that combines the 5 main strains of the disease into the one vaccine (ABCWY).

The study will involve 6 clinic visits over an 18-month period. Participants will be asked to give blood to assess how the body reacts to the vaccine, answer questions about participant health and complete an electronic diary to collect health information after vaccination. In total, participants will receive 4 injections (vaccines).

You may be eligible to take part if:

  • You are healthy and between 10 and 25 years old
  • You have never had a vaccine against any of the 5 Meningococcal strains (A, B, C, W or Y). However, you can still join the study if you received a Meningococcal C strain vaccine at or before 24 months of age.

Qualified participants will receive:

  • Vaccinations and visits at no cost
  • Compensation for time and travel involved in the study

Please contact AusTrials on 07 3278 5255 for further information, or visit their website https://www.austrials.com.au/events/meningococcal-disease-vaccine/